KS Productions and Liquid Film Pictures are two small film companies based in Central Alberta, Canada. KS Productions is the creation of Korran Nielsen and Shaun Young, KS Productions was first contrived in 1994 with their first film, The Reading Man. KS Productions has since grown and is producing bigger and better films.

Liquid Film Pictures is a branch of KS Productions, first appearing with the film, The Morning After in 1995. Liquid Film is a product of the joining of Adrian Young to the film production team. To learn more about Adrian Young's Liquid Film Pictures go here.

KS Productions consists of the following cousins:

Korran Nielsen

One of the original founders of KS, Kor is behind most of the technical aspects of our films. He also is the primary designer of our computer-based designs, animations and this web site. He also briefly appears on various films as an extra. All music in the last 3 movies was composed, arranged, and performed by Kor.

Shaun Young

The original founder of KS Productions, Shaun is the creative genius behind KS's productions. He has produced and acted all of our films including our two major films, High Noon (1997) and Chasing Reality (1998). Shaun is behind the arranging and organization of filming and post production work. Shaun often updates this website with the most current KS information, and is involved in the distribution and promotion of KS Productions thoughout cyberspace.

Adrian Young

Adrian Young started his career in theatre at Red Deer College where he majored in Theatre Studies while working on the stage in the Company Center Stage and in film with the companies of Absolute Film and Quantum Film. Here Adrian learned the art of preforming on stage and film, as well as stage and film combat. By combining his skills as an actor and as a stunt man, Adrian found he had the ability to fit a niche both in theatre and film. Adrian is responsible for the casting, directing , stunt direction and screenplays.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Donations?
Feel free to contact us at the following email addresses:

Korran Nielsen: xkor@hotmail.com
Shaun Young: recyclebin@hotmail.com
Adrian Young: froidianslip@hotmail.com

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